Subscribe To The JVF Vimeo Plus Channel With HD Video

vimeologoheaderJVF Consulting had an awesome time creating video content of our jCMS® Content Management System. We think this is an extremely effective marketing tool, so much that we plan to make a lot more. In the past our team members have used YouTube, Viddler, and a handful of other video services. We preferred YouTube’s HD, large-file capabilities, but we hated the media player and the YouTube watermark that ended up on our content. We fancied Blip’s customizable player, but our longer videos were a bit too large under their format. Our last resort was Vimeo, and so far we have been very pleased with the results.

Vimeo is video-sharing social networking site which supports the embedding, sharing and long-term storage of user-generated content. Users can share their videos publicly or exclusively with family and friends. The site supports a higher bitrate and resolution than competing sites like YouTube. Vimeo also offers High Definition playback support to the Plus members. Vimeo also has a very strong focus on community. It’s attracted an audience with a reputation for offering constructive comments relevant to the content, rather than the critical or downright offensive feedback sometimes found on YouTube.

To allow you to view our videos commercial free JVF paid for the Vimeo Plus account which is $59 a year. We encourage you to leave comments on our videos and add as a contact. If you aren’t already subscribed to our Vimeo channel, what are you waiting for? Subscribe to our Vimeo channel and stay up to date with all the latest features the Amass CMS has to offer. Comment on our videos and interact with other users. To do so you will first need a free Vimeo account, sign up here! Regular users do not need a “Plus” account. After you sign in to Vimeo, visit the JVF Consulting Vimeo channel and click the “Subscribe” button on the top right side of the page.

So without any further ado, here’s the official JVF Consulting channel on Vimeo. We will be featuring exclusive videos of our content management system, tips & tricks, sneak peeks at upcoming technologies and providing previews from some of our custom websites. JVF is always striving to stay current with the latest technologies, while making sure to fully utilize proven techniques and standards. For the JVF team, social networking is just another great opportunity for us to connect with new folks and strengthen our ties with the amazing individuals & businesses on the web.