Successful Facebook Sweepstakes Campaign

Facebook Contests and Sweepstakes

You will never break through the clutter by keeping up with the competition. That’s why Golden Sun Marketing selected JVF Consulting in order to blend years of digital marketing expertise to create a sweepstakes program for LoBue Citrus that cleared the path to consumer engagement on Facebook.

LoBue Citrus wanted to kickoff  the start of the navel season with their sweepstakes appropriately named “Celebrate Citrus” which runs from November 1st through February 28th, 2014. When the sweepstakes is complete LoBue Citrus will give away $1,000 to three winners, plus another $1,000 x 3 to charity. Additionally, all consumers who enter are offered a free electronic cookbook that is filled with ten delicious recipes featuring navel oranges.

The sweepstakes is advertised to consumers on the label of the bags, which makes their packaging more appealing than the others. LoBue also used POS materials and social media to spread awareness about the campaign.