Sustainable Nitrogen Management Software for Almond Growers

California almonds have never been more popular, which is why they wanted to make a big statement with their sustainability practices, specifically nitrogen budgeting. By applying nitrogen fertilizers in amounts that exceed what the tree can take up, it is not only costly, but those nitrates can move through the soil beyond and the root zone potentially leaching into and contaminating groundwater.

To prevent such events that from happening, JVF worked in partnership with SureHarvest, the leader in farm management software to build the new tool. SureHarvest provided us with all of the requirements and guidelines for the nitrogen budgeting program management process and we worked closely with them to fine tune the overall online experience. We then implemented their logic, using our proven techniques, which resulted in a powerful, cloud based, agribusiness sustainability software used to improve nitrogen management concerning almond trees.

In the featured YouTube video from the California Almonds, you will learn about the sustainability management software that is now available online for almond growers. The tool allows growers to calculate their nitrogen fertilizer needs throughout the season, adopting cost-effective and environmentally responsible practices. All of the almond trees needs are based on yield estimates, leaf sampling results, and nitrogen already available.

Sustainable almond farming utilizes production practices that are economically viable and are based upon scientific research, common sense and a respect for the environment. Through the use the management software, we enable growers to improve their yields, reduce input costs, meet regulatory requirements, and maintain environmental stewardship. By improving the almond trees nitrogen management, growers will continue to be able to produce plentiful, nutritious and safe food almond colonels that we all love to eat.