Business To Business Relations B2B Free Gold Watch & SIGNCO


JVF Consulting could not have been more pleased to hear that two of our customers collaborated together on a major redesign of the Free Gold Watch retail store at 1767 Waller Street in San Francisco, CA.

SIGNCO, the San Joaquin valley’s premier source for signage located in Stockton, CA dug through their vast collection of vintage numbers and letters to help Matt Henri owner of Free Gold Watch with his eccentric unconventional vision. With an arsenal of vintage sign letters in his possession, Matt’s latest project began to take shape on the walls of his store. The photos below show off the completed project. This retail display is a one of a kind approach you will not see anywhere else! Stop by the Free Gold Watch retail store and check it out with your own eyes, while you’re there be sure to buy some of their custom silk screened creations! Also be sure to contact SIGNCO for any of your sign related needs. As you can see they can help with just about any project you can think of!


Free Gold Watch Streetwear Clothing E-commerce Solution

selfmade2Clothing The Masses Through Online Shopping

The cream always rises to the top, but mixing it up is what Free Gold Watch does best. With their streetwear appeal, and Hollywood couture styling, designer Matthew Henri exposes the hype in everything from Louis Vuitton monogram and Gucci print, to rap legends and celebrities.

As store front only retailers struggle with profitability, and the important holiday season approaches, it was a necessity for the urban streetwear brand Free Gold Watch to launch their eCommerce website fast. Concerned about keeping a creative touch with added functionality, JVF Consulting integrated Magento into framework of their website. With the big streetwear brands dominating the mainstream shoppers online, it was time Free Gold Watch took their crown with the help of JVF Consulting.

Magento eCommerce

With the functionality of Magento, Free Gold Watch can now control every aspect of their online store, from merchandising to promotions and more. They’re now reaching more customers by utilizing the features of the Magento retailing functionality. There are no limits to creativity with JVF Consulting, our designers are here to ensure your vision is properly portrayed on the world wide web.

With the launch of the Free Gold Watch online store they have expanded their market to the world, and the analytics are proving it. Within 1 week of the stores launch the average visitors to the site have hit almost 1000 unique visitors, all which have a good conversion rate and stay on the site for over a minute and a half. Their blog, which also attracts visitors from around the world, is quite popular and offers an insight to the people behind the label and the clothes they make.

The Search Engine Optimization features coupled with the friendly user experience will attract and convert more qualified customers. Already the implantation of the basic meta tags have lead to business growth through organic search results.

JVF Consulting is committed to providing the best E-commerce solution possible. This commitment extends to any website or blog we launch that partners with eCommerce sites. We know how important custom features are to merchants, that’s why JVF is here to solve any frustrations you may have with your current setup, or help answer any questions about your future projects.

Free Gold Watch headquarters is now located at 1767 Waller St. in San Francisco, CA. That would be the Upper Haight for you locals. If you don’t find what you want there, or on their new eCommerce website, you can find the Free Gold Watch collection at these retailers: Karmaloop, The Giant Peach, and Turntable Lab.