Trademark Edition: Scam Alert!

logoScam Alert

Recently we received a invoice in the mail very similar looking to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, but in reality it is just another scam from a company called Trademark Edition, which is conveniently located  in Hungary.

The letter appears to be an official trademark registration request for payment, but is instead a solicitation. While the letter specifically refers to their fee as “registration costs”, the contract, which can only be found on their website, probably doesn’t even exist.

Caution: Misleading Notices

After further investigation, we uncovered more of their scams under different names such as TM Edition and TM Collection. Both business entities are listed on The United States Patent and Trademark website scam warning page. The letters mailed out all look very similar to the one we received which we posted for your review below.

To view a list of other trademark scam letters including those which came from TM Edition and TM Collection, visit the USPTO solicitation warning website and protect yourself.


DNS Services The Leader In DNS Solutions: Scam Alert!

Scam Alert

As we have reported in the past with Domain Registry of America, fly by night domain registration companies send fake renewal notices to business owners to try to trick them into paying the wrong company.

Recently our customers have reported getting bills from a company called “DNS Services.” At first it appears to be an invoice, but in fact it is actually a scam promoting their backup DNS service.

Do NOT Pay

If you are a JVF customer and host your website with us, do not send any payments to DNS Services! Their fake invoice is merely a scam!

If you read the fine print you will notice that they are just soliciting you for business, the scam is that they trick you into thinking you owe a bill. We suggest you simply throw their solicitation away, do not try to contact them as that will confirm the contact information they have for you is good and could lead to further spam or misleading emails.

Here is a copy of the invoice from DNS services for reference:


Yellow Page Resources Warning!

Yellow Page Resources

If you get a call from Yellow Page Resources requesting that it’s time to renew your ad, be very careful. Make sure you do not agree to anything or else you will find yourself receiving a bill for $500 in the mail for their worthless, overpriced service.

Yes, the iconic “walking fingers” associated with the Yellow Pages were walking across the top of the letter from a company called Yellow Page Resources, which is a completely different company than Yellow Pages.

Unfortunately this deceit recently happened to one of our clients. A receptionist received a call stating that it’s time to renew their web based services. The sales caller first flustered the receptionist then convinced them that if they did not verbally authorize the service that everything would be turned off. Since they thought these services pertained to their existing account, and a boss was not around to ask, they approved their services. Within a few days they received an invoice for their rendered web based services.

Invoice Scam

When the invoice arrived, our client called Yellow Page Resources immediately to try and fight the charges stating that nobody authorized their services. The manager at Yellow Page Resources then played back the phone conversation to prove that the receptionist did in fact give authorization. Ultimately, they ended up paying the $491.45, and then called back immediately to cancel the account. The word around their office now is to never authorize anything on the phone again without prior approval.

JVF Consulting hates to hear horror stories such as these. Our recommendation is to NEVER accept an offer that requires your verbal approval on the phone, no matter who is calling you.

Yellow Page Invoice

Domain Name Renewal Scam Letter From Internet Name Security

Don’t Fall for Domain Name Renewal Scam Letters

Just when you thought you seen it all, another type of scam to take your hard earned money pops up. In our mailbox this week we found a statement in the mail from the INS! No, not the Immigration and Naturalization Service, but the Internet Name Security! The invoice they sent gives us the impression that a one of our domain names is not safe, and to send $99.95 for their DomainSafe monitoring system. The letter actually states that, “Increasing threat levels from domain theft and domain hijacking mean that it is imperative you monitor the status of your online identity!” Unfortunately for them, we’re not falling for this type of direct mail scam and you shouldn’t either! This type of direct mail marketing scam is aimed at consumers who do not realize that their domain names are in fact already secure with their current domain registrar, and in most cases set as “locked”  by default.

A locked domain protects you from unauthorized third parties who might try to misdirect your name servers or transfer your domain without your permission. Only the domain registrar is able to unlock a domain and modify it’s name servers.

If you received one of these letters, please ignore it! Do NOT complete the payment slip at the bottom or make any payments to this company. The address listed is: P.O. Box 1120 Niagara Falls, NY 14304. Beware!

Example of the Scam Letter

Internet Name Security-Blur

Domain Registry Of America: Scam Alert!

Scam Alert

A few days ago we received a statement in the mail from Domain Registry of America. The invoice gives us the impression that a couple of our domain names are up for renewal and are about to expire. The letter actually states that, “Your domain name registrations will expire November 19, 2010!” Even though the dates they have on file are correct, we’re not falling for this type of direct mail scam and you shouldn’t either! This type of marketing scam is aimed at consumers who do not realize that by returning the invoices along with a payment, their domain names are in fact transferring from their current domain registrar to DROA.

Do NOT Pay

If you received one of these letters, please ignore it! Do NOT complete the payment slip at the bottom or make any payments to this company. To add insult to injury, the letter has their address listed as: 2316 Delaware Avenue #266 Buffalo, New York. With some quick help from Google maps, the address comes up the same as the UPS Store, so guaranteed it’s just a mail box!


Website Listing Service Fraud Alert: Web Listings Inc.

Fake Invoice for Domains

Over the weekend I received an envelope in the mail that seemed to be an invoice for one of my domains. When I opened it up I found a bill for $65.00 from a company called Web Listings Inc., offering domain name submission to 20 established search engines, up to eight keyword/phrase listings, and a quarterly search engine position and ranking reports for 1 year.

Web Listings Inc. states that they will submit your domain to 20 top search engines. Sorry to break it to you guys, there are only 3 top search engines! If you received one of these fake invoices, our advice is to just throw it in the trash, or if you have a fireplace, burn it! Web Listings Inc. uses dishonest tactics to try and catch unsuspecting people off guard. Their phony invoices are actually sign-up forms for a service that has absolutely no valid purpose for existing.

Examples of Fraudulent Letters

As you can see in the images below, the intent here is to fool the reader into thinking that it is, in fact, an invoice that needs to be paid. Web Listings Inc. is sadly preying on unsuspecting domain owners in hopes they can get you to part with $65.00 of your hard earned money.


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