SureHarvest: Download Sample Request For Information Whitepaper

sureharvestlogoWith the increasing variety of farming management software available to you, how do you decide which system best fits your farming operation? The SureHarvest whitepaper provides a sample request for information as guidance for evaluating which farming data management system will be most relevant to your needs.

SureHarvest provides a full set of solutions for growers and agrifood companies pursuing sustainability strategies through farming management software, sustainability management software, sustainability consulting services and third-party sustainability certification throughout the agrifood supply chain. To evaluate and determine which farming management software system is right for your business, complete the form located on the SureHarvest download page. Once completed you will be prompted to download the SureHarvest whitepaper. This whitepaper is a comprehensive tool for designing a request for information to submit to vendors that will give you a way to evaluate which products will best serve your needs for farming data management and decision-analysis.

Since 1999, SureHarvest has helped growers farming a total of over 300,000 acres to improve profitability by increasing efficiencies, enhancing product quality and practicing environmental stewardship. While many farmers keep good records of their farming activities, SureHarvest provides a workflow process to improve efficiencies and decision-analysis reports to measure if farming practices are yielding intended results and achieving economic sustainability.