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Thunderman’s Rocket Pack

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When Thunderbolt Aerosystems Inc. announced the release of its Thunder Pack, a personal propulsion system capable of sustaining flight for longer than ever before achieved. Many skeptics and critics were quick knock it down. Concurrently Thunderbolt Aerosystems Inc. also unveiled plans to develop a jet powered Thunder Jet with exponentially greater capability. This is when KABC-TV picked up the news story and featured it on their local news segment seen by thousands of Los Angeles residents. If you missed the airing of this new story here it is again for you to see.

Bench tests of the new Thunderpack design have provided 75 seconds of flight time, a 300% increase over what other systems offer. With a recent test flight of 37 seconds, and a potential dual-fuel feature capable of flying well more than one minute, Thunderbolt Aerosystems is closer than ever to fielding a rocket belt “for the masses.” It is one of Thunderbolt Aerosystems’ main directives to make the ThunderPack available to the masses in a format that will use ubiquitous fuels. This will enable its more un-restricted use for metropolitan firemen, forest fire control forces, coast guards, Red Cross, border patrol, high-risk rescues and for any natural disaster extreme transportation requirements.

ThunderPack Video

Thunderbolt Aerosystems founder Carmelo “Nino” Amarena must have seen the Sean Connery movie Thunderball because when he decided to try and shorten the grueling commute to his Bay Area office, he came up with what he says is a practical and economical personal air vehicle. One that won’t blow up on your back like those hydrogen peroxide powered prototypes of the early 1960s. Keep up the good work Nino, we look forward to seeing you commute through the air someday!