Tracking Santa Claus With Aerospace Technology

NoradThe team at JVF Consulting is getting quite anxious for Santa Claus to arrive this year. With some of our friends and family stationed overseas, we want to ensure Santa has a safe journey visiting everyone, everywhere. Thanks to several agencies, forces have joined together to provide an international tracking of Santa’s flight around the world which takes place on December 24th 2008.

With their latest technology NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command), who normally watches out for airborne threats to the national security of the United States and Canada, has expanded its mission to tracking the safe voyage of Santa onĀ Christmas Eve. With all the attention on Santa, we hope they still keep their eye out for rogue missiles.

Before such high tech tracking devices people used to track Santa Claus by satellite, and by the weather conditions of the North Pole. Following any unusual activity, such as Santa in flight, used to be tedious work until now.

If you would like to take advantage of the Santa Tracker, use this link: Official NORAD Santa Tracker