Trademark Edition: Scam Alert!

logoScam Alert

Recently we received a invoice in the mail very similar looking to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, but in reality it is just another scam from a company called Trademark Edition, which is conveniently locatedĀ  in Hungary.

The letter appears to be an official trademark registration request for payment, but is instead a solicitation. While the letter specifically refers to their fee as “registration costs”, the contract, which can only be found on their website, probably doesn’t even exist.

Caution: Misleading Notices

After further investigation, we uncovered more of their scams under different names such as TM Edition and TM Collection. Both business entities are listed on The United States Patent and Trademark website scam warning page. The letters mailed out all look very similar to the one we received which we posted for your review below.

To view a list of other trademark scam letters including those which came from TM Edition and TM Collection, visit the USPTO solicitation warning website and protect yourself.