Web Design & SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

1-SEO - Search Engine Optimization2At JVF Consulting we build dynamic websites hand crafted for your specific business needs. We utilize the latest proven web technologies to ensure your visitors have a compelling experience while browsing your website. JVF Consulting also believes that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) should not be an afterthought, it should be planned before design begins. Search Engine Optimization is the focus of every website JVF Consulting deploys to the World Wide Web, we optimize from the ground up to ensure search engines establish relevance to what your visitors are searching for.

Other website design companies use content that is loaded with keywords, but written mechanically. That technique may work well for search engine spiders, but is visually overwhelming when a real person visits your website. At JVF we have copywriters with the tools and experience to write the perfect content for your website, while presenting you with a detailed, high-impact conceptual plan that will continue to deliver quality and value to your business.

So what are you waiting for? Let JVF Consulting analyze your current website and suggest a cost effective solution that will meet your personal needs. We are a creative and innovative with a distinct understanding of marketing strategies. We are also the best choice to meet your unique needs in today’s fast paced marketplace! Whether you’re starting up your company, looking for a chance to redesign your brand or looking to digitize your daily tasks, Think Solutions, think JVF Consulting…

  • peter

    You are definitely right that building a good website must be optimized in a proper way. Not only a good design but SEO must be done in a effective way to rank it higher in search engines.

  • I find SEO a difficult task, and and certainly want to hire an seo specialist, but don’t know how would an seo guy can help me run a blog.. I mean don’t you people only build static sites???

  • SAP

    I agree with you totally that SEO should not be considered as an afterthough but should be decided even at the designing time of the website as many factors in SEO are directly linked to the website designing and development like all on page optimization should be collaborated during the designing phase itself.

  • SEO and web design both are equally very important, before planning to create your own site, you should also consider doing SEO since it is most important in order to bring high traffic to your site, thanks for sharing this post…

  • SEO is an essential part of the web development process these days. It’s good to hear that you’ve got that covered, especially considering these new content based algorithms!

    Speaking of SEO, I was curious as to the social bar in your footer. Is that a custom bar designed by JVF or is it a plugin/package deal?

    It looks really slick and it looks as though you’ve got tracking on all the buttons as well! If it’s not custom, I’d be interested to hear where you got it from.