WooCommerce Cart WooCart Pro: Broken Plugin Fix

WooCommerce Plugin for WordPress

The core of WordPress is designed to be lean and lightweight while maximizing flexibility to prevent code bloat. Third party WordPress plugins offer custom functionality and features so that webmasters can tailor their website to their specific needs, but from our experience these third party plugins are very poorly written and require us to fix their code so the plugins operate properly.

This was the exactly the case when we purchased the e-commerce shopping cart plugin from Codecanyon called WooCommerce Cart – WooCart Pro.


Since the plugin was broken out of the box when we purchased it, everyone else must be experiencing the same functionality issues as well. Broken plugins can cause havoc to any website. Fortunately, our team of web developers have come up with a solution to fix this broken plugin.

Plugin Error Message

If you are getting this message, follow the steps below: ReferenceError: fesiWooCart is not defined

The first step is to locate the .php file in this path: woocommerce-woocartpro\common\WooCartFrontendFestiPlugin.php

Once you have opened the file WooCartFrontendFestiPlugin.php, change line #110 from ‘jquery’ to ‘festi-cart-general’

When you are finished, it should look like this:

screenshot-www jvfconsulting com 2015-02-20 09-14-36
This problem occurs simply because the incorrect internal “script identifier” was being used.