Yellow Page Resources Warning!

If you get a call from Yellow Page Resources requesting that it’s time to renew your ad, be very careful. Make sure you do not agree to anything or else you will find yourself receiving a bill for $500 in the mail for their worthless, overpriced service.

Unfortunately this deceit recently happened to one of our clients. A receptionist received a call stating that it’s time to renew their web based services. The sales caller first flustered the receptionist then convinced them that if they did not verbally authorize the service that everything would be turned off. Since they thought these services pertained to their existing account, and a boss was not around to ask, they approved their services. Within a few days they received an invoice for their rendered web based services.

When the invoice arrived, our client called Yellow Page Resources immediately to try and fight the charges stating that nobody authorized their services. The manager at Yellow Page Resources then played back the phone conversation to prove that the receptionist did in fact give authorization. Ultimately, they ended up paying the $491.45, and then called back immediately to cancel the account. The word around their office now is to never authorize anything on the phone again without prior approval.

JVF Consulting hates to hear horror stories such as these. Our recommendation is to NEVER accept an offer that requires your verbal approval on the phone, no matter who is calling you.

Yellow Page Invoice
  • roger

    yellowpageresources is scam all u need to call the AG, FTC and BBB. And if u paid call back asking for refund or u file major complaint ftc,ag, ftc

  • Julie

    This company is a joke, after giving them written notice in July 2012 and canceling the service, requesting that they never call our company again and advising them that we will not be paying anymore invoices from their business they have the nerve to send another bill in December. We will not be paying this invoice or any others in the future from them.

  • Jeannie Brown

    I thought I was paying yellow pages and it was this company. thay wanted an e- check. so I sent it. Now I regret not using my credit card, always use your credit card because you can get your money I have to change my bank account and I also filed a complaint with the better business bureau and also with my attorney generals office. what a headache. and they keep calling. but don’t pay anything it’s a scam.

  • Nicole Wang

    I keep recieving these in the mail!!! Seems like they won’t stop calling either!! My husband never signed up for any of this and they keep hounding us!! What do we do about it?!!! Can they do anything to our credit rating? I just can’t take anymore of this!!
    Also this last invoice we received has discolored ink and it is smudged!! Ugh!! Wish they would leave us ALONE!!!

  • Reese

    They did this to me too! The guy that originally called me spoke very slowly and kept putting me on hold. I actually hung up on him one time but then he called back. He caught me at a very busy time and to be honest I really wasn’t listening to everything he said. I did hear him say my address and phone number correctly and I said “allright”. Well, apparently when I said that they took it as me saying ok to paying a huge amount of money. The customer service rep was very rude when she called me and told me that she didnt care about my preschool and the bill was the number one priority. Now she is denying that she ever said this. If these people call you, HANG UP QUICKLY!!!

  • Tonya

    Exact same thing happened to us! I can’t believe these people are getting away with this. Or that I was fooled by it! Somebody needs to stop this place!

  • Same scenario as most, they sent me a renewal bill, and i paid it cause i was dealing with yellow pages or
    I was scammed from them, as well from this same company!

  • Jim Graham

    One of their “quality assurance’ people just hung up on me when they tried to charge me $490 for a listing of just our phone number and when I said, in a call they were recording, that I also did not have a past due amount of $290, the operator, “Fabian”, hung up on me.

    Total scam.

  • karen welch

    This happened to me as well and I ended up having to pay. I have just been invoiced again by this company wanting another $497.99! i tried calling them and all I get is a voicemail.

  • Geoff Dixon

    I too received a bill for the same thing and promptly wrote a letter to the company stating that whomever they spoke with was not authorized to make decisions with regards to my company. I told them I did not want to hear the recording as it most likely was doctored. I told them that I was refusing to pay the bill and they could send it to collections for all I cared. I did my part in providing them written notice of cancellation, just not by registered mail. The bill was not made out to the corporation and we never provided them with a Tax ID number. Aside from that the bill doesn’t even state how long the contract is for and I do not want to log onto their site as that would be accepting their terms.

  • A very informative and useful post for those Yellow Page subscribers. There are so many people who are unaware of this so this is a must read for all people concern. Thanks

  • YellowPaged

    My company got hit by Yellow Page Resources. They called under the guise of checking our information for the local phonebook yellow pages (in which our phone service gives a free listing). Then we were hit with a bill for their pitiful online listing. The woman I’ve talked to at the company is the most irritating and antagonistic “customer service rep” I’ve ever heard.

    Do we have any recourse or are we going to have to pay? I say they used shady practices to get the verbal contract under pretense of “just checking”. But, the fact remains that we did “agree” to the fast-talking confirmation which slipped in the “$497.99” charge. Though, even the two times they’ve let me hear the recording I can’t really make out what he’s saying.

  • Mae

    It’s true. For several weeks now, I’ve been receiving emails from yellow page resources about the ads I posted. Luckily, I’m smart enough not to give them a single dollar.

  • Thank you for getting this information out! We had this happen to a few clients as well. I agree that their service has a lot to be desired and using a reputable service for business listings will give our clients a competitive edge. We usually find ourselves having to fix anything yellow page got their hands on! Thanks again!!