Yellow Page Resources Warning!

Yellow Page Resources

If you get a call from Yellow Page Resources requesting that it’s time to renew your ad, be very careful. Make sure you do not agree to anything or else you will find yourself receiving a bill for $500 in the mail for their worthless, overpriced service.

Yes, the iconic “walking fingers” associated with the Yellow Pages were walking across the top of the letter from a company called Yellow Page Resources, which is a completely different company than Yellow Pages.

Unfortunately this deceit recently happened to one of our clients. A receptionist received a call stating that it’s time to renew their web based services. The sales caller first flustered the receptionist then convinced them that if they did not verbally authorize the service that everything would be turned off. Since they thought these services pertained to their existing account, and a boss was not around to ask, they approved their services. Within a few days they received an invoice for their rendered web based services.

Invoice Scam

When the invoice arrived, our client called Yellow Page Resources immediately to try and fight the charges stating that nobody authorized their services. The manager at Yellow Page Resources then played back the phone conversation to prove that the receptionist did in fact give authorization. Ultimately, they ended up paying the $491.45, and then called back immediately to cancel the account. The word around their office now is to never authorize anything on the phone again without prior approval.

JVF Consulting hates to hear horror stories such as these. Our recommendation is to NEVER accept an offer that requires your verbal approval on the phone, no matter who is calling you.

Yellow Page Invoice