JVF Consulting Launches Yes On Measure F Put Brentwood In Control Custom Website

yesonflogoBrentwood must control its future, reduce crime, revitalize their economy and improve property values.  That’s why you should vote Yes on Measure F.

San Francisco, CA April 30, 2010 – Jason Franco, President of JVF Consulting, LLC announced the launch of the Put Brentwood In Control custom political website. The new website provides insight about Measure F and its effect on the community and its surrounding areas. Leaders in Brentwood brought forward Measure F in an attempt to respond to the concerns that voters had with 2005’s Measure L.

Measure F creates Brentwood’s own Urban Limit Line. This new growth control tool will allow Brentwood’s voters to decide where and if we allow development around the city’s border. Currently, these decisions are controlled by countywide voters and the Board of Supervisors. Local residents should decide, not outsiders nor nearby cities.

Through the use of the World Wide Web the new website is loaded with in-depth information about Measure F and explains the details about establishing zoning and an agreement defining City and land owner rights and obligations. Measure F will protect the City from unnecessary growth and also will prevent either Antioch or Oakley from encroaching on Brentwood. 

“The launch of this website reinforces Brentwood’s position on measure F.” stated Jason Franco, President of JVF Consulting, LLC. “With a commitment to keeping their citizens current with information, Put Brentwood In Control is now the leading authority for Measure F.”

The Put Brentwood In Control website is powered by the cutting edge technology of JVF Amass, the best Content Management System on the market today. The website was also designed by the leader in custom website design, JVF Consulting, LLC. With the power of Amass CMS, Put Brentwood In Control is able to make revisions to their live custom website on the fly, all through a rich user-friendly interface.

Voters in Pittsburg and San Ramon have their own Urban Limit Lines. So do the voters of Antioch. In fact, Antioch’s Urban Limit Line is right next door to Brentwood. Antioch’s voters have the power to approve development plans and expand Antioch into the land between our two cities. This would impact us and we would have nothing to say about it. Measure F would put much of this land into Brentwood’s control.

About Put Brentwood in Control
Currently, outsiders control what happens around our borders. Brentwood residents only have a 5% say about what happens to the existing, countywide Urban Limit Line. Measure F gives Brentwood’s voters 100% control. Our neighbors and City Council know what’s best for Brentwood. We should decide, not them.

Jason Franco
JVF Consulting, LLC
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