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Peter Bruce Wedding Photography

The Peter Bruce Wedding Photography website allows you to visualize samples of his previous work in order to better understand the quality of his services. By hiring Peter Bruce you will create and immortalize wonderful memories that you can reminisce about for many years to come.

Peter prefers to shoot weddings using film. He understands the importance of having a digital file, so he first shoots on film, then scans the negatives and supplies you with everything! The prints, negatives, and unlocked DVDs are yours to use however you wish. His approach to wedding photography is pure and captures your wedding day discreetly with a sense of wonder.

Peter's dynamic website allows him to add and remove all of the content of his website, this could not have been possible without the use of the Amass Content Management System. Accompanied with a web 2.0 design that attracts the eye of new brides and groomes, the JVF Consulting design team is proud of this custom website.

As seen in the gallery below, the website contains immaculate pictures which grab the visitors attention. Customizing our Amass Content Management System to power SlideShowPro allows Peter Bruce to add and remove photos with only a few clicks of the mouse. Browse around the Peter Bruce Wedding Photography website to if this design appeals to you, or view our other custom web designs in our Portfolio. You can also read about other JVF solutions in our Web Technology Blog which is updated daily.