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"There are three things that come to mind when I think of JVF Consulting and that’s professionalism, dependability and responsiveness."


Lil Jazz of the famous Bay Area rap group Madd Currency was in need of a custom website that would take on the look and feel of his latest album Gemini Files: East Side Story. Using the album artwork that was designed by Photo Doctor Graphics, Darren Wong of DKW Design executed the concept and layout and then handed it over to JVF Consulting to power the website with a smart contact form that protects the webmaster from spam. Keeping the urban theme and mixing it with a professional web appeal, Lil Jazz now has a major creative edge over his competition. The contact page powered by JVF's campaign manager ensure's all emails requesting booking information makes it to the intended recipients with fail safe preventions. To see more custom websites browse the JVF portfolio, or read about them on our Web Technology Blog.


CSS, E-commerce, Email Campaign Manager, Google Analyics, Javascript, PHP 5.x, Web 2.0, Web Services, XML