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"I unequivocally recommend JVF Consulting LLC to build your web site."


International Petroleum Products & Additives Company, Inc. makes products that provide excellent antiwear protection, performance and stability. Portraying their reputable brand through a professional web design was the goal. With a polished new look, IPAC, Inc. continues to satisfy their customers’ needs while building strong relationships throughout the supply chain. The launch of the new website has helped streamline and revolutionize the way IPAC markets themselves on the World Wide Web. Their online visitors can now experience a more vibrant and seamless view of their petroleum & additive product line.

As seen in the gallery below, the website contains clear calls to action making the product pages easy to find. Browse around the Imperial Sales Company website to see if it appeals to you. We also have many other custom web designs in our Portfolio for you to view. Also don't forget to read about the many JVF solutions in our Web Technology Blog that is updated daily.