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"I unequivocally recommend JVF Consulting LLC to build your web site."


Volgen is renowned for providing high-quality AC/DC & DC/DC switch mode converters for communication, automation, industrial control, and aerospace markets worldwide.

Powered by Amass, the website is fully optimized for SEO and utilizes jQuery for the rotating content sliders on the homepage. The product area uses large images to allow visitors to find what they're looking for quickly without getting lost on the site. By integrating a Constant Contact signup form onto the homepage visitors can easily sign up for the Volgen newsletter.


Amass, CSS, Email Campaign Manager, Google Analyics, Google Maps API, Javascript, jQuery, PHP 5.x, Postgres 8.4.x, script.aculo.us 1.7.0, Shadowbox.js, Web 2.0, Web Services, XML, XSLT