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"I've worked with several web design and hosting firms in recent years, but none measures up to JVF Consulting."

When evaluating a provider, I look for quality in the look and effectiveness of a website

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Professional Business Networks

We often get caught in the trap of thinking that just by talking with someone - regardless of the setting or conversation - and mentioning what we do for a living... that is networking. Do you believe that's true?

Networking is much more than simple introductions. It is the time honored process of developing relationships. Sure there is attraction between people that causes them to immediately trust and want to form relationships, but that is more the exception than the rule. Most relationships are built on trust developed over time.

Networking is about building relationships, usually through personal contact. It's a learned skill. Some people seem to be 'naturals' at networking, some need to work hard to succeed, and most of us fall somewhere in between. In any case, part of the process of networking is learning how others do it, and most of us do that through networking as well!


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