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Livermore Valley Winegrowers Association

Livermore Valley Winegrowers Association is dedicated to advance, protect and promote the quality wines, vineyards and experiences of the Livermore Valley Wine Country. They’re also a nonprofit organization that raises funds to improve the quality of life for local undeserved children and promotes awareness of the Livermore Valley Wine Country. The Foundation has also generoulsy donated over $3 million to charities in its short history.

Using the latest version of Foundation, the most advanced front-end responsive web design framework in the world, JVF created the optimal topic modeling architecture so every type of visitor, from consumer to vintner, can easily find the information they’re looking for quickly through an intuitive navigation. We also integrated the Google translation toolbar to instantly translate the website to the top 7 languages that access the website, making it easy for other cultures to learn about the Livermore Valley wine growing region.

The LVWA website utilizes our custom content management system powered by JVF Amass, this enables anyone at their foundation to easily maintain the website by editing, adding, and removing content without any HTML knowledge. The website is also fully optimized for SEO and utilizes jQuery for the rotating content sliders on the homepage.

Through the use of a responsive web design, LVWA now has power to spread the word about their award-winning wines and tasting rooms to wine enthusiasts regardless of their device or screen size. With the new optimized mobile layout, visitors can now purchase tickets to wine events on the go with a sense of security. The end result is a fast, compelling and easy to use responsive e-commerce website that stays true to their brand identity.


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