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"I know our business will be a success because of JVF Consulting."

We hired JVF to create a logo and website for our new business. We know you can't really get anywhere in today's business without great web presence, so we went to the professionals.

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Award winning blues, soul and gospel singer Sista Monica is one of the most admired women on the international music and festival scene. With the release of her new album, and her fan base expanding, she decided it was time to have JVF Consulting redesign her current website.

Sista Monica and her band have performed major corporate events such as Oracle World, MAC World, Lucas Films, and many others over that past 17 years. Enabling Sista Monica to manage her festival pictures and album discography was the focus when creating this custom website. Utilizing SlideShowPro to power the photo galleries, visitors are able to easily view festivals Sista Monica has attended. SlideShowPro's user friendly gallery gives visitors an interactive experience while viewing their favorite music artist.

Powering a dynamic custom website that controls a photo gallery along with all of the content of the website could not have been possible without the use of the Amass Content Management System. Accompanied with a professional design that appeals music lovers, the JVF Consulting design team worked hard to produce the final result.

As seen in the gallery below, the website is rich in colors which grabs the readers attention. Customizing our Amass Content Management System to power the photo gallery easily allows Sista Monica to add and remove pictures with only a few clicks. Browse around the Sista Monica website to see if this design appeals to you. Be sure to also view our other custom web designs located in our Portfolio. Don't forget to read about the many solutions that could be applied to your business in our Web Technology Blog.