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richACLS uses multimedia medical education tutorials to gain proficiency in basic life support, advanced cardiac life support, EKG analysis & hemodynamics. Stimulating a unique structure to health care professionals and physicians who seek an option to their education. Through the use of their new website, richACLS plans to make the certification process for ACLS and PALS in easier process. Currently the only way to recertify ACLS on a computer is to order a CD and run the application on your computer. With their medical knowledge and effective interactive multimedia tools, richACLS enables medical professionals to compete in the ever expanding marketplace.

Allowing richACLS to manage all of their multimedia tutorials while allowing paid users a password protected backend was the focus when creating this custom website. Visitors are can now easily purchase educational tutorials through the use of our eCommerce solutions. The end result was a flawless design capable of processing orders using Authorize.net as the gateway, with a SSL certificate for 128-bit security. Now all customers can be sure their information is kept private.

Powering their custom website which controls all of the content could not have been possible without the use of the Amass Content Management System. Accompanied with the professional appeal that attracts the eye of medical professionals, the JVF Consulting design team worked diligently to produce this custom website.

As seen in the gallery below, the website has a user-friendly interface which brings an extraordinary opportunity for the medical community. Allowing an exchange of valuable information will help spread knowledge among physicians around the world. Customizing our Amass Content Management System to power the content easily allows richACLS to add and remove articles with only a few clicks. Browse around the richACLS website to see if this design appeals to you. Be sure to also view our other custom web designs located in our Portfolio. Don't forget to read about the many solutions that could be applied to your business in our Web Technology Blog.