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I would not hesitate to recommend JVF Consulting to anyone in need of a custom web site or web application.

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Standard HTML Website Design

  1. FREE consultation meeting to review your current brand, corporate identity and messaging
  2. Design and implementation of your existing brand utilizing:
    • Web 2.0 technologies
    • Animations as needed
  3. Creation of the following pages:
    • Home page containing your branding along with compelling "calls to action"
    • About Us
    • Contact Us page including a submission form and all relevant contact information
    • Products & Services page to show examples as well as pricing on your products/services
    • Partner links
  4. Includes the "Search Engine Optimization Package"
  5. Optional "Responsive Website Design" (not included in price)
  6. Optional "Standard Website Hosting" (not included in price)
  7. Purchasing of your domain name and linking to the appropriate hosting providers *
  8. Email account setup and forwarding

JVF Consulting is a full-service web design and internet marketing firm. As leading web development company, we offer scalable web-based services to any size company across all markets. Our sites are optimized for fast loading while delivering a message that generates leads for your organization.