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I would not hesitate to recommend JVF Consulting to anyone in need of a custom web site or web application.

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E-commerce Website Design

This service will get your internet store launched and off the ground. Your website will have the ability to control every aspect of your store, from merchandising, to promotions and more. The end result will create a user experience that will attract and convert more qualified customers, leading to fast business growth. This package features the integration of the Magento e-commerce platform to your website.

JVF Consulting offers several methods for the successful design, development and deployment of an e-commerce solution based upon your specific requirements. We create the most effective and tailored shopping experiences for consumers on the world wide web. With many feature-rich, enterprise-class platforms we will help you choose the most efficient application to get your business off the ground.

  • Design and implementation of your existing brand, corporate identity and messaging
  • Custom navigation, layout and desired pages.
  • Home page containing your branding along with compelling "calls to action"
  • Blog
  • Administration login for your staff to manage website content
  • Security and encryption used to keep out unwanted guests
  • Includes "Search Engine Optimization Package"
  • Optional "Responsive Website Design"
  • Optional "Standard Website Hosting"