Digestive Clearing Diet

Digestive Clearing Diet

Digestive Clearing Diet

Digestive Clearing Diet looked to JVF to help them design an eye-catching, information rich e-commerce website to successfully help their customers identify and eliminate problem foods in their diet. For this project, we had to create a visual representation and dietary tracker, based on the top selling book by Andrew Gaeddert.

We leveraged customer insight to build a new storefront from scratch that generated sales and better communicated value of the Digestive Clearing Diet to the audience.

Industry: Health

Capabilities: Analytics, Consulting, Content Management System (CMS), Content Strategy, Conversion Optimization, Digital Branding, eCommerce, Email & CRM, jCommerce®, Mobile, SEO, Social Media, Technology & Development, User Experiences, Video & Photography, Web Design

Website: www.digestiveclearingdiet.org

The Digestive Clearing Diet will help you identify and eliminate problem foods in your diet. This is accomplished by eliminating foods that are difficult to digest and then reintroducing these foods after a two-week period.

The program is designed to be a vacation for your digestive system. Similar to a vacation from work, it may not be pleasant 100 percent of the time, but it will be worth it in the long run.